The organisation

The organisation

The Railway Museum illustrates the vital link between the railways and society at large. We preserve and manage railway-related heritage in the Netherlands. Through our stories aimed at a wide audience, we reveal the significance of this heritage in connection with technological, economic and social development in the past, present and future.

As a cultural organisation, our place is in the midst of society. We tell our story and manage our collection in a way that is relevant and authentic. We are open and inquisitive in everything we do. We offer our visitors both hospitality and inspiration. We connect our activities to our function as a museum.

We want to make an indelible impression on our viewers; our employees are the key to achieving this goal. We strive to constantly connect with our community because only then will we be able to achieve our mission and safeguard our intended future. We believe in partnership and cooperation based on the conviction that working together brings us further than going it alone.

Supervisory Board:

· Michiel C.J. van Roozendaal, chair
· Astrid Hertog
· Bert Groenewegen
· Inés Plasmans
· Trudy Onland

Management team:

· Nicole Kuppens, Executive Director
· Peter Paul de Winter, Head of Collections
· Jan Bergen – Head of Operation
· Nicole Witjes, Head of Finance