Due to a problem with the tracks, the rail shuttle from Utrecht Centraal to Utrecht Maliebaan station will not run until further notice.

First- and second-class waiting room

Over 100 years ago, 1st-class passengers sat in this luxurious space waiting for their train to arrive. They had paid a handsome sum for their tickets and expected an equally handsome room in which to wait. It is a lavish space that lets your guests see and feel how much you value them. The luxurious waiting area in the 1st and 2nd-class waiting room creates the suggestion that the wealthy passengers can arrive at any moment. The wood floor, unique fireplace surround and baroque wallpaper create an intimate space for a meeting or drinks reception.

Small-scale events

The location is extremely well-suited to small-scale events for up to 50 people, though even a much-smaller group will feel at home in this space. The venue is intimate and doesn’t feel too big. The waiting room looks out at the train alongside the platform, giving it an authentic Railway Museum feeling. In combination with the Delivery Hall – to serve as a catering space – this room is ideal for events with a select few attendees. It can also be rented in combination with the outdoor platform if desired.

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