De Kameel

Object number 1008


It’s not hard to guess where this train – The Camel – gets its name: the humps are immediately noticeable.
The Camel – or as it’s officially known, the NS 20 – was built in the 1950s as an inspections vehicle for NS executives.
Such a coach made it possible for the management to oversee work on the rail and hold meetings at the same time.
At the front and rear of the coach, where the driver would normally sit, are two conference rooms that can accommodate 14 people each.
The coach contains a kitchen and a telephone as well.
On both ends, behind the meeting areas, there are raised cabs for the engine driver.
The rooftop domes (the ‘humps’) allow the driver a clear view of the tracks.
The Camel has transported quite a few important guests in its day, from other companies’ executives to heads of state and royalty.
In the early 1970s, it was possible to rent the Camel; it was even used in advertisements for the Dutch music programme AVRO’s Toppop.
Today, the Camel once again does what it was built to do: the NS uses it as a coach for its senior executives