NS362 (Sik)

Object number 1030


Goods transport by rail declined drastically in the 1970s, and with it the use of locomotors as well. The NS was forced to reorganise and sold many of the SIKs to private companies or scrapyards. New safety requirements signalled the end of the line for the shunting engines, which did not have dead-man switches or obstacle detection systems. The last locomotor was decommissioned in 2008. Some 70 of these engines remain today. The 362 continued to be used for quite some time by companies including Strukton and NedTrain. It arrived at the museum in 2004. The original green colour was painted over in the 1970s, when the NS adopted a new house style and painted all its locomotors yellow with grey accents. During that same period, a hydraulic telescopic crane was added to the 362 to make it easier to replace heavy parts when switching trains.