Object number 1024


Chances are, the nose was the first part of this incredibly strong and rugged locomotive to catch your eye. It was intended to offer the engine driver better protection in case of collisions. These locomotives were built in the Netherlands based on an American design and using some American parts, funded in part by American dollars via the Marshall Plan. The NS used these engines to pull both passenger trains and goods trains. Their most important task was to pull the express trains which will later become known as intercity trains. When the NS split in 1995, all the 1200s were transferred to NS Cargo and began operating in the goods transport sector. The 1202 was in service until 1996 and became part of the Railway Museum’s collection two years after that. The 1211 came to the museum in 2001 and in 2012, it was sent to the Bahnpark Augsburg railway museum in Germany on a long-term loan.