Plan D-NS AB 7709

Object number 1045


After World War II ended, the railway faced a serious shortage of rolling stock. In 1949, the NS therefore decided to order 70 new D train coaches: 20 type AB (1st and 2nd class), 40 type C (3rd class) and 10 RDs (baggage cars with a restaurant compartment). An AB coach has 8 passenger compartments and offers more comfort and legroom than its predecessors. The seats in 1st class have red cushions with ‘wing’ headrests above the armrests between seats; the 2nd-class seats are upholstered in grey. The coaches, which are carpeted, are separated by double wooden sliding doors. Other new additions include the florescent lighting, electric lighting on the closing symbols, step-edge lighting that glows when the doors are open, and illuminated destination boards behind the windows at the front of the coach. The light turquoise colour proved quite susceptible to discolouration. The colour, for instance, could not stand up to the cleaning agents needed to remove brake dust residue from the windows.