Plan E - NS C6703

Object number 1048


In 1954, the NS ordered new steel coaches to replace the old wooden ones. These Plan E coaches were meant for long-distance journeys. They were deployed primarily on the lines from Amsterdam to Maastricht and Amsterdam to Groningen/Leeuwarden. The coaches, which were pulled by diesel-electric or fully electric locomotives, are equipped with electric heating. In 1956, 1st class was eliminated and the 2nd and 3rd classes were upgraded. The C 6703 coach was subsequently assigned a new letter: B 6703. And to make things even more complicated, when a uniform numeric code was introduced in Europe in 1968, the B 6703 then became the 50 84 29-37 326-1. The coach was later modified for service in a push-pull combination with diesel locomotives, known as the klompentreinen. These trains ran on the diesel lines in the northern and eastern Netherlands. For this use, the coach was assigned yet another number. In the Railway Museum, however, the C 6703 has been reassigned its original number.