Plan K -NS AB7376

Object number 1049


This series of coaches, which was commissioned for international service, was used in travel agency trains headed for sunny or snowy holiday destinations. Coaches with this shape were referred to as bolkoprijtuigen, ‘round-head carriages’, because the ends of the carriages were rounded. The coaches have eight compartments: three for 1st class and five for 2nd-class passengers. The seats are extendible and the back cushions can be adjusted as well. When two seats across from one another were pulled out, a sofa bed was created. Unfortunately, this wasn’t terribly comfortable with eight people in a single compartment! These trains were equipped with not only toilets but separate washing facilities as well. In 1984, the NS 7376 coach was added to Queen Juliana’s Royal train. It was used as the accompanying carriage for members of the court and government officials during state visits. The coach was taken out of service in 1990.