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NS311 & NS345 (SIK)

Object number 1029


Both the 311 and 345 are from the second series of locomotives the NS had built as shunting engines. These Siks were stronger and heavier than previous models. They relied on diesel-electrical propulsion rather than being mechanically powered. This gave them greater tractive power and a higher maximum speed. It also enabled these locomotors to pull light goods trains. The engine driver could operate the locomotor while standing on the running board. Number 311 came to the museum via the Kempensche Zinkwit-Maatschappij in Budel in 1987. It is the only locomotor from this series which has remained green from the very beginning, even after the introduction of the new NS house style. The nickname ‘Sik (Goatee)’ comes from the fact that the whistle on these locomotors is connected to the chimney via a valve. When the whistle sounds, it makes a bleating sound like that of a goat.