Model Stockroom

In the Model Stockroom, we bring our collection of railway models to life in a playful way. We tell you not only about the models themselves, but about the people behind the models as well. Who designed and built them? And who started them and who owns them? You are looking at unique railway models. From factory models and locomotives sold as a DIY kit to antique toys, odd ducks and unique collector's items.

Fascinating model trains

The invention of the steam locomotive set off a technical revolution at the start of the 19th century. Trains so captured the imagination of the public that people began recreating them in miniature form. Toy trains were introduced for sale and an entire toy industry emerged. But engineers also built miniature trains, for instance when they wanted to test the shape and colour of new types. To this very day, hobbyists continue to devote hours and hours to recreating or collecting their favourite locomotives and train cars. What is it about model railways that makes them so fascinating? Come to the Model Stockroom and find out for yourself. You’ll encounter builders, designers, owners and beginners. And a few ‘odd ducks’ as well, that belong to a category all their own.