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How did the paintings in the main hall of the Maliebaan station get there? What makes a carriage built in 1874 different from a modern train? How does a steam-powered locomotive work? Our tour guides will answer these and other questions about the history of the railway and the museum. They can take you to places that are only open to the public when accompanied by a guide.

Make your visit to the museum extra-special!


A guided tour costs €85.00 an hour, excluding the cost of admission (no more than 20 people per group). Groups of more than 10 people are entitled to a discount on the price of admission. Admission for groups is €14.00 p.p. Tours can also be booked in combination with one of our package deals.

Important: Tours must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.

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Make your visit to the museum extra special and book a tour.