The world of trains, in your own house

Discover the world of the railways, right in your very own home! On this page, you’ll find experiments, a colouring sheet and building kits for making your own train.

Build your own train

Try out our building kits at home! Will you build the locomotive, the carriage or the electric train?

How can a steam locomotive run with steam? Watch the video here and discover it for yourself!

Colour the museum

Let your imagination run wild with this colouring sheet! What do you think the museum looks like?

Conduct your own tests with Crazy Experiments. Follow the simple instructions to make your own electrical mini-motor. All you need is three things: a magnet (that conducts electricity), a battery and a piece of copper wire. That’s it! Quick – have a look to see how you can do this experiment, too!


Try the awesome Techlab experiments at home! Have you got what it takes to be a real train expert?

For our littlest visitors

Are you a true Thomas fan? Watch the video about when Thomas came to see us last year. We hope he’ll visit again this year on Ascension Day – if the conductor and driver don’t make a mess of things, that is!