Steel Monsters

Discover the secret of a very special attic. Take a blood-curdling trip in the dark under, between and above steel monsters as they hiss, whistle and clang. Hold on tight, here we go!

Roller coaster

Before your exciting journey through the dark begins, you’ll first meet Grandpa Harry. His family has been working for the railway for three generations. Harry has his own railway museum in his attic: signal flags, caps, adjusted timetables and much more.

From his attic, you will step directly into the 1930s. Take a trip in the dark, do your best to dodge the steam locomotive De Bergkoningin and see the largest locomotive ever used on the Dutch railway: De Beul (NS 6317), whose name means ‘The Executioner’. This engine needed so much coal that its fireman would be completely exhausted at the end of the day!

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