de Blauwe Brabander

Object number 2033


C.J. Honig

C.J. Honig worked for the railways as a train driver in the 1930s. As a way to pass the time, he built a tiny scale model of Staatsspoorwegen steam locomotive 183 and a large model of locomotive 3900 that is over two metres long. These turned out so well that he was able to sell both models to the Railway Museum. After his retirement, Honig began working as a modeller at the Railway Museum, where he ‘worked ceaselessly’ to create a model of the locomotive ‘Boerhave’. Without a doubt, however, his absolute masterpiece is the 1:10 scale model of steam locomotive 31 owned by the Noord-Brabantsch-Duitsche Spoorwegmaatschappij (NBDS), known as the ‘Blauwe Brabander (Blue Brabantian)’