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Entertaining and educational

In the Railway Museum, learning and fun go hand in hand. Visit the museum with your entire class for a fun and adventurous school outing. Make your visit complete with one of our educational programmes which include a preparatory lesson, worksheets and instruction from a real museum lecturer!

When you get to the museum, you’ll receive a free Word Train activity that will send you on a scavenger hunt to explore all the hidden corners of the museum.

You’ll descend into the depths of an English coal mine and see the Netherlands’ first train: ‘De Arend’. There’s a theatre show about the luxurious Orient Express that travels to the Far East, and in Steel Monsters, you’ll careen above, under and past enormous locomotives.

One thing you won’t want to miss is the spectacular Trial by Fire that immerses you in a virtual world where you can try your hand at driving a locomotive.

Educational programmes

You can expand your school outing by adding one of our programmes in which a museum lecturer will lead your class on a 90-minute voyage of discovery through the museum.

Each of our programmes includes an introduction featuring actual objects from the collection, plus assignments and questions to be completed. Pupils are free to explore the museum on their own. An educational programme consists of a lesson module, preparatory lesson, workbook, museum lecturer and reflection lesson.

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