Reclamemodel locomotief 1325

Object number 2014


Promotional model of locomotive 1325

Model of electric locomotive 1325 with Prussian Blue colour scheme at a 1:20 scale, commissioned by the NS around 1955. Remarkably, only 16 locomotives from the 1300 series were ever built, which means number 25 never existed. The NS used this model in its promotional stands at trade fairs. The electric locomotives from the 1300 series were inspired by an existing French series that had been developed in the late 1940s by the French manufacturer Alsthom. The colour and decorative elements were the work of French artist Paul Arzens. Around 1950, the NS ordered the virtually identical locomotive series 1100 and 1300 from Alsthom as well, with the difference that the 1300 series was longer and powerful enough to pull heavy goods trains. The NS also hired Paul Arzens to choose the colours and decoration for the engines.