Ontwerpmodel locomotief 6400

Object number 2013


Design model of locomotive 6400

Design model of locomotive 6400 at 1:25 scale, built at the request of NS designer Niels Greif in 1986. Greif worked in the NS Design department and in the early 1980s, he was asked to design a new series of diesel-electric freight locomotives. He envisioned a robust engine with an engine driver’s cab on both sides, but this proved too expensive. The NS therefore had to go in search of a cheaper standard solution. Ultimately, the 6400 series was designed and built by a German manufacturer, Machinenfabrik Kiel (MaK). Grief commissioned this model in an attempt to refine the MaK design. He suggested giving the locomotive a more slanted front end and wider posts, for instance, as well as installing larger steps for boarding. In this design, the side could open as well, so that the engine of the locomotive could be easily hoisted out with a forklift for adjustments or repairs. Due to the high cost of these modifications, however, Greif’s ideas were never put into practice.