Due to a problem with the tracks, the rail shuttle from Utrecht Centraal to Utrecht Maliebaan station will not run until further notice.


Object number 2030


The most refined model

This H0-scale model of the NS 137 locomotor, also known as the ‘Sik’ or ‘Goatee’, has been exceedingly finely crafted and is richly detailed. It is among the jewels in the catalogue of the Dutch manufacturer Philotrain, which has been making handcrafted brass model trains since 1977. Philotrain produces model trains based on Dutch and European stock at the 0 and H0 scales. The small quantities produced and the high level of detailing on the models mean that the price for a Philotrain model can easily be as high as several thousand euros. For this reason, collectors are more likely to display their Philotrain models in a glass case than to actually operate them as part of a railway model.