Blikken Tinus (HSM 504/NS2104)

Object number 1018


Before becoming Director of the NS, Willem Hupkes had been employed as an engineer with the Hollandsche IJzeren Spoorweg-maatschappij (HSM). One of his assigned tasks was to design a steam locomotive for express trains. The result was the successful 500 series. The locomotive’s enormous wheels, which were 2,100 mm in diameter, made it ideally suited as an express train for international and other service. The series was given the nickname ‘Blikken Tinus (Tin Tinus)’ thanks to the rattling sound made by the coupling rods at high speeds. These locomotives are popular with the examiners who administer engine driving exams, as they are not easy to drive. One part of the exam involves having the locomotive come to a stop at exactly the right spot, so that the tender opening is perfectly aligned with the filling hose from the water tower. The small opening makes this quite difficult. In 1954, the Tin Tinus was retired from use after over 40 years of faithful service as NS 2104.