Mat '24 Blokkendoos

Object number 1003


Mat ’24 was the first series of electric and steel NS trains. These trains are incredibly robust and heavy.
The nickname Blokkendoos means ‘box of blocks’ and comes from their squared-off appearance and the fact that the coaches can be put together like building blocks. Another nickname for the Mat ’24 is ‘vacuum cleaner’, thanks to the whirring sound made by some trains in the series. The Mat ’24 series includes power heads, driving trailers and middle cars in all three classes. After decades of service in passenger transport, many of these trains were refurbished for use as postal trains, service vehicles in workshops or instructional models.
The Railway Museum added 3rd-class carriage Cecr 8553, which has been converted into a restaurant car, to its collection in 1994. Because these trains never had restaurant cars, this specimen is unique! The museum owns two other coaches from the Blokkendoos series.