Muizeneus (Mat '46)

Object number 1010


There was a huge need for the Mat ‘46 following World War II, as a great deal of rail stock had been destroyed. The blueprints for the locomotive were completed as early as 1946 and the first Mat ’46s began rolling onto the rails in 1948. In terms of appearance, these trains looked a great deal like the streamlined stick introduced in the 1930s. Like many trains, the Mat ’46 has an unofficial nickname: Muizeneus, meaning ‘Mouse-nose’. It owes this nickname to the painted yellow ‘whiskers’ which were later added to the front as decoration. The trains had a reputation for sturdiness and featured a roomy baggage compartment next to the passenger section. The 273 remained in service as a local and express train until the 1980s. This Mouse-nose was fully restored when it was added to the museum’s collection. At that time, it was also repainted in the same colours it was originally given in the factory: dark green with a red pinstripe – and no whiskers.