De Jumbo (NS3737)

Object number 1007


If this locomotive had an odometer, it would show some three million kilometres travelled! It is one of the most successful steam locomotives in Dutch railway history.
This locomotive was introduced to the railway as number SS 731 in 1911 and remained in service for over half a century.
It was assigned the familiar number of 3737 in 1921.
This model frequently substituted for the newer diesel trains from the 1930s, which were often out of service due to recurring malfunctions.
The locomotive had twice the power of its predecessor and was therefore well-suited for use in express train service. Its enormous dimensions earned it the nickname ‘Jumbo’. On 7 January 1958, the 3737 made its final regular trip: from Geldermalsen to the Railway Museum.
This was also the last official steam engine trip in the Netherlands.
In 2011, the Railway Museum held a celebration to mark the 3737’s 100th birthday. The festivities were attended by several very special guests: the last engine drivers to ever operate this locomotive.