Object number 1032


Because the NS was extremely pleased with shunting engines 501 through 520, it ordered another 100 of this type of locomotive. Some of these engines, the 601 through 665s, had continuous air-operated braking systems. This meant braking action was applied not only to the locomotive, but to all connected carriages as well. Such a braking system made the locomotives suitable for pulling light goods trains and crossing public roads. Goods transport began to decline in the late 1970s. More and more shunting engines were becoming obsolete. In the 1990s, the NS fitted these locomotives with a radio transmitter so that they could be controlled from a remote location. This allowed each shunter to do the work of three people – a much more cost-effective system! Locomotive 605 is one of the engines that was modified. When the transmitter was installed, it was renumbered as 673.