Object number 1017


The RSTM 2 is the oldest surviving tram locomotive in the Netherlands. It was purchased for the new RSTM line between Oegstgeest and Katwijk. The Rijnlandsche Stoomtramweg-Maatschappij (RSTM) was a steam-tram company that operated a steam tram between Katwijk aan Zee and Rijnsburg from 1881-1883. This line was later extended to Oegstgeest and Leiden. Two years after the locomotive was taken into service, the HSM takes over the lines. As a result, all the locomotives were renumbered. The RSTM 2’s new number was HSM 216. It is traditional to assign new numbers to locomotives and coaches when the stock is purchased by a new company. The Leiden-Katwijk line was electrified in 1911. The HSM continued to operate between Haarlem and Heemstede until 1932. This tram locomotive has survived because it was donated to the museum in 1966.

The RSTM 2 is on permanent loan to Museumstoomtram Hoorn-Medemblik, where it can be seen as the masterpiece in the new museum route.