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Wooden carriage SSC723

Object number 1041


These carriages were considered extremely modern in their day. Even the 3rd-class compartment is extremely luxurious, despite the wooden seats. The carriage has eight compartments and features multiple new innovations for the time, such as steam heat and gas lights. The latter are supplied from gas tanks mounted under the carriage. These were also the first train carriages with a toilet, which was referred to as a retirade in Dutch in those days. This facility required sacrificing a few seats in the compartment. An aisle was created to allow access to the toilet. The advantage of this is that passengers could also use the aisle to find a place to sit. It also meant the conductor no longer had to walk along the running board outside to check everyone’s tickets. These carriages remained in service until the 1950s. When the NS was formed, this carriage was given the new number of NS C 4623. Following World War II, it was used as an auxiliary baggage car in freight trains. After being restored in Haarlem, this specimen was added to the Railway Museum’s collection in 1973.