Object number 3002


Type:                   unknown

With this type of draisine, there was no need for any effort on the supervisors’ part: they could simply sit on the bench at the front. Two lower-ranking rail employees would then crank the handles to turn the wheel, which was connected by a chain to the rear wheels of the draisine, causing them to move in turn. This draisine was most likely built at the end of the nineteenth century. While the manufacturer is unknown, as is the rail company that used it, the Staatspoorwegen is known to have deployed similar models.


A draisine resembling this one stands on the second track of the Sliedrecht station in 1885, the year that station opened. Especially when building a new railway line, such as here, the draisine was an absolutely essential piece of equipment. This photograph was taken by J.G. Hameter of Dordrecht, who captured images of many railway locations.
Waalwijk Station was opened in 1886. In this photo taken around that time, a similar draisine is visible near the station. This picture was taken by the same J.G. Hameter who took the previous photo of Sliedrecht Station.