Diesel 3

Object number 1005


1934 was a very important year in Dutch railway history. The Diesel 3 (DE3 or diesel-electric three-unit train) became an immediate sensation following its introduction.
Not only was it the very first diesel train in the Netherlands, but it was also the first train with what is known as a streamline model.
People would purchase platform tickets simply to get a look the train. The influence of American design is evident.
In the U.S., manufacturers were already turning out streamlined cars, refrigerators and toasters.
This train had an innovative colour scheme: silver-grey with red trim and aluminium-coloured roofs. It featured many technical innovations as well, such as sliding doors rather than hinged ones like a car, lowered steps for boarding, tubular steel furniture, aluminium baggage racks, sliding windows for additional ventilation and drum brakes instead of cast iron brake shoes. The diesel trains did not drive on the electrified rail lines.
At the end of 1963, the Diesel 3 disappeared entirely from service. The Railway Museum obtained the NS 27 five years later.