Mat '64 - NS876 (Apekop)

Object number 1026


Like the Dog-nose train, Materieel ’64 (Mat ’64), also known as the ‘standard local train’, has a rounded nose to protect the driver, although that of the Mat ’64 is less pointy. This lead to the nickname ‘Apekop’, or ‘Monkey face’ It existed as both four-unit and two-unit trains. The trains with four carriages were called Plan T and those with two carriages were known as Plan V. The Plan V trains were built from 1966 on, first at the Workspoor workshop and then by Talbot. This rolling stock included several noteworthy innovations. Because the train was much lighter than its predecessor the Dog-nose, it could accelerate to the desired speed faster and more easily. The Mat ’64 also marked a departure from the idea that it had to be possible to couple all streamlined stock; instead, the trains have a different (higher) automatic coupling mechanism. These were the first trains to feature the swing plug doors that are so well-known today. The train had a central door closure mechanism with locking doors to prevent passengers from opening the doors while the train was moving.