NCS B 119

Object number 1040


At the start of 1900, 1st-class coaches were prohibited by law from using local railways. In order to transport wealthy passengers from Zeist and Baarn (including the director of the NCS) in fitting style, the NCS workshop in Utrecht finished these 2nd-class coaches to an exceedingly luxurious standard. The exterior walls boast teak panelling and the interior is quite chic. The double seats on each side of the centre aisle feature reversible seat cushions. In the winter, the plush velvet side faced upwards and in summer, passengers sat on the leather side, which felt cooler. The copper lamps, baggage racks and ashtrays are decoratively sculpted. These coaches were used on the local railway lines Utrecht – Den Dolder – Baarn and Utrecht – Bilthoven – Zeist. This coach was decommissioned in 1952 and preserved for the Railway Museum. It was fully restored in 1977.