Plan D-NS RD 7659

Object number 1046


This new combination of dining and baggage car was adopted by the NS in 1951. The reason for combining the two types of carriage was that both restaurant cars and baggage cars were dealing with significant excess capacity. From an operational standpoint, it made more sense to combine them. The NS also deployed the combination coaches for international travel. Each coach contains a bar and a kitchen. The kitchen features a coal-burning stove, icebox, worktop and storage space. In the dining car, there is seating for 15 passengers. The coach also has a section for the conductor, a booth for the wireless train telephone (which was never installed) and space for an information assistant (who never worked there either). In 1954, the car’s dining area was enlarged to seat 23 people. To make this possible, the bar and the information desk were removed. The telephone booth remained as an empty, closed-off space. The other section of the coach contains a large baggage area which can be secured as well.