Rode Duivel (Plan U)

Object number 1013


While most NS trains today are painted yellow and blue, in the past each type of train had its own specific colour. Around 1960, all the diesel trains were painted red. This is also where this Plan U train gets its nickname of Rode Duivel: The Red Devil. Workspoor built these diesel-electric trains between 1960 and 1963. They were assigned numbers 111 through 152. The Red Devil transported passengers along important stretches of track that had not yet been electrified, such as the Dordrecht – Geldermalsen and Nijmegen – Roermond lines. Modernised features of this train include a more rounded nose, lightweight construction, central door-closing mechanism for the conductor and an intercom. In the winter, the sliding doors were prone to malfunctions due to accumulating snow. These were later replaced by swing plug doors. The museum acquired the NS 114 in 2003 and restored it to good working order in 2009.