Dream journeys

Step back into the era of luxurious international travel. The most famous train in the world is on display here: the Orient Express. The Steam Theatre puts on daily shows about travelling with this renowned train. Will you step aboard?

Daily shows

Experience the heyday of international train travel: a world full of dreams, fairy-tale destinations and luxury. From Paris, the Orient Express passed through many European cities on its way to the Gateway to Asia, Constantinople. This kind of travel was only for the privileged few: the extremely wealthy, counts and duchesses and so on.

Show times: *

Monday through Friday:

11.30 and 14:30

Weekends and school holidays:

11:30, 13:30, 14:30 and 15:30

*subject to change

Annabel takes a trip

Ms Annabel goes on a trip by herself. Her husband finds it unseemly, as young women aren’t supposed to travel alone. But as it turns out, the Orient Express brings some remarkable encounters.

A letter for Maurice

Maurice is a dedicated member of the Orient Express crew. One day, he receives a letter that will change his life forever. What does the letter say?

Colette and Fifi

A wealthy and respectable lady by the name of Madame de Camembert goes on a trip with her little dog Fifi… but something isn’t quite right. Is she really who she claims to be?

Dominique and the Sultan's letter

During the World’s Fair in Paris, an inventor named Dominique happens to meet the powerful Sultan of Constantinople. This chance encounter proves to have dramatic consequences…